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Ep14: Should I Buy a Sailplane

Ep13: Is Gliding Expensive

Ep12: Is Meta-knowledge Holding Back Our Sport?

Ep11: Hypoxia and Oxygen Systems

Ep10: Behind the Scenes Part 1

Ep9: News, What to Carry, XC and Comp Outlandings

Short Video: Paradise Lake Keepit October Grand Prix

Ep8: Improve your Soaring with IGC Spy

Ep7: Annual Inspection of VH-PII

Ep6: 5 Ways to Fast Track to Solo and Beyond

Ep5: Becoming an Airworthiness Inspector

Ep4: Meet Harbans Mann

Ep3: The Lockdown with Liz Sparrow

Ep2. 10th FAI Womens’ World Gliding Championships

Ep1: The French are Coming